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Welcome to Tits, Tats & Whisker's official website! We are pleased to offer you samples of our pictures, music, and videos. Feel free to peruse the site and be sure to keep up to date with our live schedule. Come and see us live and join the Tits tats & Whiskers family.

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TTandWhiskers Tonight will do a set in Hang Out around 1 am :) After that it's going to take sometimes before we will hit the... https://t.co/eSGXYJNoMy
TTandWhiskers TT&W Live - What The Dickens - Tokyo (Jp) September 24th, 2016 https://t.co/uxuoBBG26A
TTandWhiskers Yesterday at the Dickens was so much fun! really really enjoyed it! you all are amazing! Thank you so much and... https://t.co/V55ZQbRn3X
TTandWhiskers Rehearsal now. Weather is crap but we gotta get the show on. See you tonight! 雨が降っても今夜はパーティだよ https://t.co/qZStIZk4qh
boringgaijin Tonight! Stop down at What the Dickens! for a free Tits, Tats, & Whiskers show! https://t.co/G7S9pP6Itt @TTandWhiskers #live #NewRelease