The Band




Origin: Italy
Tits: 0
Tats: 7
Whiskers: 1
Profession: Orchestral Composer, Drummer/Percussionist




Origin: U.S.A. New York
Tits: 0
Tats: 17
Whiskers: Infinite
Profession: Guitars, Vocals, Visual Artist (painting and drawing)




Origin: Philippines
Tits: 2
Tats: 4
Whiskers: 0
Profession: Bassist, Psuedo-Rubyist


Tits, Tats & Whiskers is a rock trio based in Tokyo, Japan. The band is comprised of Ponzi from the USA (Guitar/Vocal), Mattia from Italy (Drum/ Percussion) and Astrid from the Philippines (Bass/Vocal). Despite the varied races and backgrounds, the band is united by a common passion for music and having fun. In April 2014, Tits, Tats & Whiskers headlined the annual outdoor summer music festival, Musikalawaig, in the Philippines.

On February 15th, 2014 Tits, Tats & Whiskers released their first independent 9-track album “All The Things”.

In February 2015, the band released the single, "Guilty Dance" followed by the second album, "Laugh, Dance & Cry" in May 2015.  The band toured US & Canada in July 2015. 

The third album, "Cigarettes And Shame" was released in September 2016 after a massive five-month tour across Japan, Taiwan and Korea. This time, the album featured other artists such as Aimee Blackschleger, Kelly Haalvaldsrud, and Julian Peters.

Tits, Tats & Whiskers music and other goods are now available for sale in the Store page, iTunes, Amazon and other online shops.


--"Thailand 2017"--

  • Parking Toy, Bangkok, Thailand, April 28th
  • Vit33, Bangkok, Thailand, April 29th

--"Cigarettes & Shame Far East Asian Tour 2016"--

  • Revolver, Taipei, Taiwan, March 31st
  • Rocks, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, April 1st
  • Spring Scream Festival, Kenting, Taiwan, April 2nd
  • Anga, Chiba, Chiba, Japan, April 15th
  • Babel, Tachikawa, Tokyo Japan, April 23rd
  • Heaven's Door, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, April 24th
  • Pepper Land, Okayama, Okayama, Japan, May 14th
  • King Cobra, Osaka, Osaka, Japan, May 15th
  • Hall Bee, Fukui, Fukui, Japan, May 21st
  • Dewey, Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, May 22nd
  • 7th Avenue, Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan, May 28th
  • Basso, Osaka, Osaka Japan, June 4th
  • Blue Port, Kobe, Hyogo Japan, June 5th
  • What The Dickens, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan, June 11th
  • Five Morioka, Morioka, Iwate Japan, June 18th
  • The Flying Son, Sendai, Iwate Japan, June 19th
  • Hope, Sakata, Yamagata Japan, June 25th
  • Live Spot 2000, Akita, Akita Japan June 26th
  • Junk Box, Nagano, Nagano Japan July 2nd
  • Narciss, Urawa, Saitama Japan July 3rd
  • Gate, Wakayama, Wakayama Japan July 16th
  • Neverland, Nara, Nara Japan July 17th
  • Growly, Kyoto, Kyoto Japan July 18th
  • Mame Romantic, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan July 23rd
  • Kazoo Hall, Kofu, Yamanashi Japan July 30th
  • Shareido, Odawara, Kanagawa Japan July 31st
  • Six-Dog, Nagoya, Aichi Japan August 6th
  • Umber, Shizuoka, Shizuoka Japan August 7th
  • Club FF, Seoul, South Korea August 12th
  • FreeBird 2, Seoul, South Korea August 13th
  • Riki Riki Deli Festival, Chigasaki, Kanagawa Japan August 21st
  • Cyclone, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan September 3rd


--"Laugh, Dance & Cry" U.S.A./Canada tour 2015--

  • Taste Venue, Newark (NJ) U.S.A., July 1st
  • The Brighton Bar, Brighton (NJ) U.S.A., July 2nd
  • Q-Ball Cafe, Friedricksburg (VA) U.S.A., July 3rd 
  • The Raven Inn, Baltimore (MD) U.S.A., July 5th
  • Howlers, Pittsburg (PA) U.S.A., July 7th
  • Bernie's Bagel & Deli, Columbus (OH) U.S.A., July 8th
  • Iggy's, Toledo (OH) U.S.A., July 9th
  • Diesel Concert Lounge, Detroit (MI) U.S.A., July 10th
  • The Rockpile, Toronto (ON) Canada, July 11th



Special Live Event History

  • Tohoku Charity Live, Mercedez Benz Showroom, Minato, Tokyo (JP), 2012/04/13
  • Summer Splash, Minakami, Gunma (JP), 2012/06/30
  • Musikalawaig Festival, Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao (PH) 2014/04/12
  • Spring Scream Festival, Kenting (TW) 2016/04/02

Live Show History

From 2011 to 2016

  • 7th Avenue, Yokohama, Kanagawa (JP)- 1 show
  • 7th Floor, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 3 shows
  • Anga, Chiba, Chiba (JP)- 4 shows
  • Babel, Tachikawa, Tokyo (JP)- 1 shows
  • Basso, Osaka, Osaka (JP)- 1 show
  • Basement Bar, Setagaya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show 
  • Bernie's Bagel & Deli, Columbus, Ohaio (USA)- 1 show
  • Blue Port, Kobe, Hyogo (JP)- 1 show
  • Club Edge, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 24 shows
  • Club FF, Seoul (KOR)- 1 show
  • Club Liner, Suginami, Tokyo (JP) - 1 show
  • Cozmo's Cafe, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Crawfish, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 13 shows
  • Crescendo, Musashino, Tokyo (JP)- 2 shows
  • Cyclone, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 2 shows
  • DayTrive, Nagoya, Aichi (JP)- 1 show
  • Derori, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 2 shows
  • Dewey, Kyoto, Kyoto (JP)- 1 show
  • Diesel Concert Lounge, Detroit, Michigan (USA)- 1 show
  • Finn McCool, Chiyoda, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • FNV Live House, Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP)- 2 show
  • Five Morioka, Morioka, Iwate (JP)- 1 show
  • FreeBird, Seoul (KOR)- 1 show
  • Gate, Wakayama, Wakayama, (JP)- 1 show
  • Golden Egg, Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP)- 2 shows
  • Growly, Kyoto, Kyoto (JP)- 1 show
  • Hall Bee, Fukui, Fukui (JP)- 1 show
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Heaven's Door, Setagaya, Tokyo (JP)- 12 shows
  • Hope, Sakata, Yamagata (JP)- 1 show
  • Howlers, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (USA)- 1 show
  • Iggy's, Toledo, Ohaio (USA)- 1 show
  • Junk Box, Nagano, Nagano (JP)- 1 show
  • Kazoo Hall, Kofu, Yamanashi (JP)- 1 show
  • King Cobra, Osaka, Osaka (JP)- 1 show
  • Live Spot 2000, Akita, Akita (JP)- 1 show
  • Mame Romantic, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Mandala, Musashino, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Mercedes Benz, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Moja, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Musikalawaig Festival '14, Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao (PH)
  • Narciss, Urawa, Saitama (JP)- 1 show
  • Neverland, Nara, Nara (JP)-1 show
  • Nine Spices. Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • NOB, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Parking Toy, Bangkok (TH)- 1 show
  • Pepper Land, Okayama, Okayama (Jp)- 1 show
  • Q-Ball Cafe, Friedricksburg, Virginia (USA)- 1 show
  • Raven Inn, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)- 1 show
  • Revolver, Taipei (TW)- 1 show
  • Riki Riki Deli Festival, Chigasaki, Kanagawa (JP)- 1 show
  • Ruby Room, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 6 shows
  • Rocks, Kaohsiung (TW)- 1 show
  • Shareido, Odawara, Kanagawa (JP)- 1 show
  • Six-Dog, Nagoya, Aichi (JP)- 2 show
  • Spring Scream Festival '16, Kenting (TW) 
  • Studio Dom, Suginami, Tokyo (JP)- 3 show
  • Summer Splash '12, Minakami, Gunma (JP)
  • Taste Venue, Newark, New Jersey (USA)- 1 show
  • The Brighton Bar, Brighton, New Jersey (USA)- 1 show
  • The Flying Son, Sendai, Miyagi (JP)- 1 show
  • The Rockpile, Toronto, Ontario (CAN)
  • The Toppers, Chiba, Chiba (JP)- 1 show
  • Umber, Shizuoka, Shizuoka (JP)- 1 show
  • Vit33, Bangkok (TH)- 1 show
  • Vuenos, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 2 shows
  • Wall, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • What The Dickens, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 13 shows
  • Yukotopia, Adachi, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • ろくでもない夜, Setagaya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show

Acoustic Live  Shows History

  • Bar Crossing, Setagaya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Big Time, Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Boomerang, Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Boonies, Koto, Tokyo (JP)- 5 shows
  • BrewDog, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show 
  • Club Edge, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Gamuso, Suginami, Tokyo (JP)- 7 shows
  • Hobgoblin, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Juke Joint, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Meiji Kinenkan, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Pink Cow, Minato, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Rong-Tai Factory, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • RPM Music Bar, Setagaya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show
  • Ruby Room, Shibuya, Tokyo (JP)- 2 shows
  • The King George, Omiya, Saitama (JP)- 1 show
  • Vertex, Setagaya, Tokyo (JP)- 1 show