Guilty Dance is Released

The countdown reaches zero. Everyone has sound-checked. First up was 子供盗賊団 who did a fantastic job of warming up the audience for what's to come. According to them, they have only freshly started yet they sounded like they were all born to play together from the start. Next in line was Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns, with their uber controlled instrumentation and beautiful comforting country songs. We were honored to have been supported by these warm people in our last album release, and once again in this single release. Their final number was a paradigm-shifting rendition of Tainted Love. The mellow sounds were soon followed up by the powerful, Rage Against the Machine inspired all-Japanese band Soul D. The first time we saw these guys we were simply overwhelmed (and they did so again!) and we knew we had to play with them again. Soul D effortlessly brought the tension up with their heavy rock numbers, pushing everyone in the house to head bang and mosh around. After a brief cool down, we showed our Guilty Dance video for the first time to the public. We thank everyone who was there to receive it and root for it. We also thank those who could not make it but still supported us remotely. We could not have done it without your undying care for us all these years. Everyone's cheers caused us to love and rock the stage that night. We have so many people to thank for, for making the event a huge success. You know who you are and you will always be in our hearts. Because of all the love you have shown us that night, we will carry on and make music for you! Thank you!

Photo by Alex Mustacea

Photo by Maki Ambo