Sophomore Album Release Date Is Set

We have wrapped up the development of our second album and we are proud to announce the release date. It has been set on May 16th, 2015 in Heaven's Door, Sangenjaya. We will be joined by some powerful bands that night. Coming all the way from Osaka, is the power Japanese girl trio, Jinny Oops. These gals have graced Fuji Rock and toured internationally. Next up is another rock trio, this time from Nagoya, Ghost of Matsubara. These guys have quite a loyal following and have played with us a few times. If you are curious to see their energy, don't miss this show. Then we will have our beloved, trusty Dirty T's, the dirtiest rockiest trio in Tokyo. Next in line is the freshly formed Old Gun, who will be presenting new original compositions. Finally, a much respected artist and friend, Samm Bennett will also share our stage, with his 1-string or 2-string guitar (or whatever suits his fancy).

We are calling this baby, "Laugh, Dance & Cry", a phrase that embodies the mix of emotions we often feel in complex moments of our lives. It is taken from a song in the 9 track album, "Mr. Cushing". Also included in this album is our carrier single, "Guilty Dance". All tracks were lovingly mixed and mastered by Iori Terada. Our album art was designed by our very own, Ponzi. It took us some time to package everything, so we are all hyped up for this party. Do click the link below for more event details, or better yet, join it and don't miss the fun. Like us on facebook, to get more updates. We will be waiting for you.