Album #2 is out! On to the next!

On May 16, 2015 in Heaven's Door, Sangenjaya, the second album was finally released. "Laugh, Dance & Cry" took about a year to put together. It was only fitting to let it go with explosion created by our lovely musician friends. We send out our deepest thanks to the bands who prepared the crowd for us that night: Samm Bennett, Old Gun, Dirty T's, Ghost of Matsubara, Jinny Oops!. Special mention goes to Ghost of Matsubara who came all the way from Nagoya, and also to Jinny Oops, who drove in from Osaka. There was much action seen that night, mostly unexpected and surprising, dancing, singing, and crowd-surfing (on ballads too...this, we are still trying to make sense of). Other highlights include the drum duet of Mattia and Hiroki and the guest appearance of Marcus Pittman for "Will Erase". The crowd just went wild. Despite all that, we were relieved that everyone was safe. We were touched to see old and new faces, our favorite photographers: Marcellus, Kyoko, Maki, Alex, Joe, and including a lovely dancer. So the reward was the all-night after-party in the 80's 90's bar with 300yen drinks. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable show. Again, a million thanks to all of you who gave us support. You made this happen! So now, we will move on and continue our work for the next album.