"Will Erase" Music Video is Out

What a crazy night Yesterday night (3/5/2016) !!! Thank you so much for our always lovely hosts "What The Dickens" and of course All the beautiful people that came over and enjoyed with us this special night!!

We are very excited to announce that our fourth music video "Will Erase" (From "Laugh, Dance & Cry" Album) is now live and available online. As before, we are proud to claim that it is 100% produced by us. We are also thankful to a bunch of our dear friends (Aimee, Marcus, Alex, Ayumi, Mike, Ani and Ashley) who went out of their way to act in our video. Please check it out in youtube over here ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g734FoiBdWg

Following the completion of our recording sessions, we are going to kick off our 5 months Asian tour on March 31 in Taiwan, showcasing our new tracks from the upcoming album, "Cigarettes And Shame". We will be playing in many cities before doing a tour-finale and release gig on September 3rd at Cyclone (Shibuya). Please check our Facebook or Shows page for updates of the tour and release.