Thank you

Greetings and love to all of our Family, friends, and fans.
It is with a heavy heart that Tits Tats & Whisker's are announcing our final shows and disintegration as a band that will convene in the next couple of months. After three records, traveling the world together, and many great times we have decided to move on to different projects and stages of our lives.
We will truly miss playing our music together and with all of our friends.
We've learned a lot and had tons of fun playing for everyone over these past years.
All of the blood, sweat, and tears put into our art feels really fulfilling and we have no regrets. We have had many adventures on the road with all of our friends and various people along the way that will be invaluable to our futures.
We started out as a four piece and after a year became o three piece and made a decision not to change members anymore after our first transition. We love playing our songs together and feel it wouldn't be justifiable to play them in any other context.
We have a couple of more shows and a finale on August 19th and hope to see as many of you as we can in our final moments as a band together. Let's enjoy things as we always have. Let's laugh, Dance, hopefully not cry too much, and of course party and have fun.
We will post all of our upcoming shows including the finale so that hopefully some of you will have a chance to come and see us one last time. We really want to thank you all for your support over the years and we are humbled to have worked with all the other artists we've had the opportunity to work with. Please come out and clink one final glass with us in our current constitution.
Thank you very much from the bottom of of hearts for everything,
Tits Tats & Whiskers
*June 23rd “Soundrise - Loud Week” @GIGS (Yokohama, Tsurumi)
*July 29th @Heavens Door (Sangenjaya)
*August 19th LAST SHOW @What the Dickens (Ebisu)