USA & Canada: The Laugh, Dance & Cry Tour

Outside the Rockpile in Toronto, we all exchanged hugs and farewells with our good mates: Zach and Micah. We had just finished our final show of the tour and we were ready to leave the RV, our home for the past two weeks. We had one rest day in the city before flying back to Tokyo. The tour has come to an end and we are both sad and excited go home.

2 weeks ago:We arrived in NY and our host band picked us up at the JFK airport with the giant RV plus music gear trailer. The sight of the huge vehicle and cool live equipment inside fueled our excitement for the tour. Our first show was in Taste Venue, Newark (NJ). We were graced by an old friend's presence, Takuma. The show ended abruptly during the final band's set due to the smoke machine tripping the alarm and summoning the fire department at the door. The next day we headed for Brighton Bar (Brighton, NJ) where we met more old friends who rocked out with us. We capped the night with a walk to the nearby beach. Next, we did Q ball cafe (Friedricksburg, VA) before taking our first day off in Monroe bay (VA) for the 4th of July. We took a dip in the lake, played basketball, and literally dodged some fireworks at night while enjoying some sake and frozen margaritas. The following day we reached Baltimore (MD) and gigged at Raven Inn. The folks over there did a decent job at promotions and gave us a nice and warm welcome. Next up was Howlers at Pittsburgh (PA). Finally we got a properly elevated stage, this one was about 3 feet high. Outside was not the safest neighborhoods in my opinion, but they did have some delicious authentic pizzas and calzones nearby. We immediately set off for Bernie's in Columbus (OH) afterwards. It was a popular student hangout as it was situated near the university. We only set up half of the sound systems due to the low ceiling. We played some pool in the bar after the show, just for chilling. Still in Ohio, we moved on to Iggy's, Toledo, another venue that had a decent high stage. For me, it was the most fun gig we had, resulting in loads of free drinks from guests and the bar owner. We hung out at the bar until the wee hours of the morning when we realized it was time for breakfast already. Too bad for our driver, Zach, who had to whisk us over to Detroit (MI) the next day. The place Michigan was called Diesel. It had two huge stages and bands played back to back, with no down-time! The sound guy was very professional and helpful, we loved him. Incidentally, the band who played before us, in the next stage, was Trixster, an 80s band who had quite a following back in the day. There was no rest for us after the last US show as we had to prepare to cross the border to Canada at the break of dawn. It was by far, my most stressful border-crossing experience ever. All three of us gave conflicting answers at the customs, yet they let us through after we showed them our return ticket to Japan. I do not advise border-crossing without any sleep. Our last gig of the tour was approaching and we felt Toronto's warm welcome right after we reached it. The Rockpile showed us the best hospitality among venues: food, drink discounts, showers, an offer to use extra amps, and smiles. The stage was nice and high and the sound was controlled by a friend of a friend from Tokyo, and we are grateful for showing us a lot of love during the show. As we closed the show and were about to leave, we met our most favorite tour companions outside, and bid goodbye.

Forward 2 weeks: As we stepped out of the arrival gates in Narita, the first mission was the smoking area. And we knew in our heads that the next was to tour again, but this time, in Japan. And maybe after sushi or some gyuudon.


Album #2 is out! On to the next!

On May 16, 2015 in Heaven's Door, Sangenjaya, the second album was finally released. "Laugh, Dance & Cry" took about a year to put together. It was only fitting to let it go with explosion created by our lovely musician friends. We send out our deepest thanks to the bands who prepared the crowd for us that night: Samm Bennett, Old Gun, Dirty T's, Ghost of Matsubara, Jinny Oops!. Special mention goes to Ghost of Matsubara who came all the way from Nagoya, and also to Jinny Oops, who drove in from Osaka. There was much action seen that night, mostly unexpected and surprising, dancing, singing, and crowd-surfing (on ballads too...this, we are still trying to make sense of). Other highlights include the drum duet of Mattia and Hiroki and the guest appearance of Marcus Pittman for "Will Erase". The crowd just went wild. Despite all that, we were relieved that everyone was safe. We were touched to see old and new faces, our favorite photographers: Marcellus, Kyoko, Maki, Alex, Joe, and including a lovely dancer. So the reward was the all-night after-party in the 80's 90's bar with 300yen drinks. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable show. Again, a million thanks to all of you who gave us support. You made this happen! So now, we will move on and continue our work for the next album.


Sophomore Album Release Date Is Set

We have wrapped up the development of our second album and we are proud to announce the release date. It has been set on May 16th, 2015 in Heaven's Door, Sangenjaya. We will be joined by some powerful bands that night. Coming all the way from Osaka, is the power Japanese girl trio, Jinny Oops. These gals have graced Fuji Rock and toured internationally. Next up is another rock trio, this time from Nagoya, Ghost of Matsubara. These guys have quite a loyal following and have played with us a few times. If you are curious to see their energy, don't miss this show. Then we will have our beloved, trusty Dirty T's, the dirtiest rockiest trio in Tokyo. Next in line is the freshly formed Old Gun, who will be presenting new original compositions. Finally, a much respected artist and friend, Samm Bennett will also share our stage, with his 1-string or 2-string guitar (or whatever suits his fancy).

We are calling this baby, "Laugh, Dance & Cry", a phrase that embodies the mix of emotions we often feel in complex moments of our lives. It is taken from a song in the 9 track album, "Mr. Cushing". Also included in this album is our carrier single, "Guilty Dance". All tracks were lovingly mixed and mastered by Iori Terada. Our album art was designed by our very own, Ponzi. It took us some time to package everything, so we are all hyped up for this party. Do click the link below for more event details, or better yet, join it and don't miss the fun. Like us on facebook, to get more updates. We will be waiting for you.

Guilty Dance is Released

The countdown reaches zero. Everyone has sound-checked. First up was 子供盗賊団 who did a fantastic job of warming up the audience for what's to come. According to them, they have only freshly started yet they sounded like they were all born to play together from the start. Next in line was Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns, with their uber controlled instrumentation and beautiful comforting country songs. We were honored to have been supported by these warm people in our last album release, and once again in this single release. Their final number was a paradigm-shifting rendition of Tainted Love. The mellow sounds were soon followed up by the powerful, Rage Against the Machine inspired all-Japanese band Soul D. The first time we saw these guys we were simply overwhelmed (and they did so again!) and we knew we had to play with them again. Soul D effortlessly brought the tension up with their heavy rock numbers, pushing everyone in the house to head bang and mosh around. After a brief cool down, we showed our Guilty Dance video for the first time to the public. We thank everyone who was there to receive it and root for it. We also thank those who could not make it but still supported us remotely. We could not have done it without your undying care for us all these years. Everyone's cheers caused us to love and rock the stage that night. We have so many people to thank for, for making the event a huge success. You know who you are and you will always be in our hearts. Because of all the love you have shown us that night, we will carry on and make music for you! Thank you!

Photo by Alex Mustacea

Photo by Maki Ambo

Upcoming Single: Guilty Dance

Brace yourself for the release of the new track, "Guilty Dance", on February 27, 2015. TT&W proudly presents this new track from the second album, "Laugh, Dance & Cry", which is set to be released this March 16, 2015. The music video will have a virgin screening during the single release at the venue, Club Edge. The video is proudly 100% independent, shot and directed by the band. The track will be up for grabs online and through direct purchase from the band members during live shows thereafter. For more details of the single release show, please check out the band's Facebook Event Page or the Shows page.

Single Image Preview

Second album preview

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